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Blogging about Mistakes

One of the many blogs that I follow regularly is “ISerializable”, written by Roy Osherove.  Roy posted this article on 12/6/2006, and it’s a postings that I’ve reread several times since then:

While I’m a fairly new contributor to the blogger community, I’ve been a consumer for some time.  The vast majority of the postings that I’ve read involve a writer blogging about their strengths; about times when they figured something out, made a penetrating observation about the world, or had a eureka moment.

It’s an exceedingly rare case where a writer makes a contribution that says “here’s how I screwed up, and what I’ve learned from it”.  Obviously, the lessons contained within a post like this are not just for the writer.

I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to Roy for sharing his story, and in doing so trying to help all the rest of us to learn from his mistakes.

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SSMS Scripter 2.5 Released

The Scripter is now covered by the GNU General Public License.  The 2.5 release boasts improved integration with SSMS, and a few other miscellaneous enhancements:

  • Carriage return issue fixed. The Scripter replaces standalone line feed characters with Carriage Return-Line Feed combinations.
  • Scripter now uses the authentication used to connect to the database in SSMS, and doesn’t assume Windows Authentication.
  • I added a message to the splash screen saying that it may take a while to initialize for a database with a large number of objects.
  • Branches are only loaded into the TreeView when they are needed (when a branch is expanded by the user, or an object is defaulted when you first start the Scripter up), which makes for a quicker load time for the utility.
  • Starting the scripter from the Database level now selects all objects in the tree.

Complete source code and the updated installer can be found at

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