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Blogging about Mistakes

One of the many blogs that I follow regularly is “ISerializable”, written by Roy Osherove.  Roy posted this article on 12/6/2006, and it’s a postings that I’ve reread several times since then:

While I’m a fairly new contributor to the blogger community, I’ve been a consumer for some time.  The vast majority of the postings that I’ve read involve a writer blogging about their strengths; about times when they figured something out, made a penetrating observation about the world, or had a eureka moment.

It’s an exceedingly rare case where a writer makes a contribution that says “here’s how I screwed up, and what I’ve learned from it”.  Obviously, the lessons contained within a post like this are not just for the writer.

I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to Roy for sharing his story, and in doing so trying to help all the rest of us to learn from his mistakes.

January 2, 2007 - Posted by | General

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