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SSMS Scripter Update – 2.5.2

This minor release corrected an issue where the Scripter would register itself for the Database node in the SSMS hierarchy, or an invalid node, but not both.  This is because the context string for a Database node consists only of the server and database names.  These two properties appear in every node below the database.  The old logic would look for a view, a stored procedure, a user-defined function, or their respective folders, and if it didn’t fall into one of these six categories it would assume the user had selected the database node.  This version corrects the issue by looking for specifically valid and invalid nodes, and only when the selected node does not fall into one of these two buckets will the Scripter treat the selected node as the Database node.

The updated version of the scripter can be found at

February 16, 2007 - Posted by | SQL Server, Tools and Toys

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