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Amusing bits from the Ann Arbor Day of .NET

This past weekend I attended the Ann Arbor Day of .NET, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The sessions I attended were all good, and it was really cool seeing some of the people in person that I had previously only experienced via blog post or web cast, such as Mark Miller and Josh Holmes.

Early in the day, I started collecting a list of the amusing things that I heard or saw in the sessions, and I thought I would share them with you.  I have intentionally left the names attached with these off so as to protect the innocent and misfortunate.

1) Speaker A had a book to give away, and didn’t really have a good way to go about it.  Someone suggested birthdays.  The speaker started to ask "Ok, whose birthday is closest to…" when the guy next to me shot his hand in the air.  The speaker asked, "When’s your birthday?" to which the guy replied "Today".  The laughter only barely drowned out the cries of "Check his license!"

2) Speaker B hooked his laptop up to the projector to reveal an installer frantically trying to wrap up what it was doing.  The speaker glanced at the screen, then turned back to face his audience and answered the question that was now hanging in the air: "Yes, I am reinstalling Visual Studio 5 minutes before the session begins."

3) Speaker B was interrupted by someone’s cell phone going off.  It rang twice, and then I heard an ugly "crunch" as the owner yanked the battery out.  I don’t want to see he needed to do to check voicemail.

4) Speaker C was walking people around the interface to a particular tool, and made the comment to the effect that "when you’re changing properties on the objects, it is very important to know where the yellow box is".  All I could think of then was "follow the white rabbit".

5) Speaker D was interrupted by a cell phone, to which he responded that it’s an unwritten rule that the owner needs to sing a song as payment.  If it were my cell phone, I think everyone else in the room would have ended up paying more than I would have.

6) And the true gem of the day.  Speaker E was going through a demo, and reached the point where he needed to pull the power cable from his laptop.  For anyone that owns a laptop, you’ll know that the internal battery is designed to pick up the slack immediately, and everything should be fine.  Speaker E had plenty of experience with this particular demo, on this very machine.  Alas, Murphy decided to attend Speaker E’s session that day and when he pulled the plug, the laptop crashed.  Hard.  Speaker then spent the next 5 minutes trying to resurrect his machine, and field suggestions of IT voodoo from his audience.  Since this was only about halfway through his session, he decided to try to go through the rest of it via chalk board.  That’s right – not a white board; a true golden-oldie chalk board.  He muddled his way through as best he could, although he stopped to apologize about the font size he was using, and bemoaned the loss of IntelliSense.  In the end, he was able to get his machine going again, and tempted fate once again by pulling the plug – but only after he had run through the rest of his demo.

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