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Fun with the Paging System

My company has an overhead paging system that gets quite a bit of usage throughout the day.  A common use is to alert people that they have a call holding for them (if the caller didn’t know how to dial the person directly), so I’ll hear things like “Mark Gilbert, you have a call holding for you on 567.  Mark, 567”.  Easy enough.

Today, though I heard one that brought a smile to my face.  “John Smith, please dial 404.  John, 404”.

Is that redundant?  Obviously if you knew where John was, you’d just call him there.

I think it would be fun to start using other HTTP numbers in pages.  For example:

  • What if your status meeting was moved to a new location at the last minute?  “The XYZ Team status meeting, 301 Beige Meeting Room”
  • What if you couldn’t make a meeting, and you wanted to send someone in your place?  “Mark Gilbert 305 John Smith”
  • What if you got assigned to two different projects for the same week?  “Mark Gilbert 409”
  • Leaving for the day?  “Mark Gilbert 410”
  • Out sick?  “Mark Gilbert 503”

I’m wondering if I tried to pull this off on April Fools Day, how many people would pick up on the joke?

January 24, 2008 - Posted by | General

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  1. Mark,

    This is indeed funny – but only for web people!!!

    Definitely “an inside joke”


    Comment by John Burns | January 31, 2008

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