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You ARE powerful… is selling a DIY lightsaber kit that comes with a variety of pieces you can mix and match to build your own weapon for a more civilized age.  TechEBlog (where I heard about this kit) has a short movie demonstrating how to assemble one.

Don’t get me wrong, for $100, this rates pretty high on the coolness scale.  However, I view this as merely the beginning; a simple stepping stone to owning and wielding a weapon as unique and quirky as I am.  To truly give in to my geek-side, I would need to visit an outlet such as Random Sabers.  Here is an organization devoted to constructing custom saber hilts based on my specs, as well as selling all of the accessories that go with it (belt clips, display stands, carbon-fiber dueling blades, etc.).

“Patience!”, says Obi-Wan.

“Sigh”, says I.


April 15, 2008 - Posted by | General

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  1. Mark,

    Hi, Jim Trombley here. How do I contact you? I have a question for you but I can’t find an email link.


    Comment by Jim Trombley | April 17, 2008

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