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Amusing Bits from the West Michigan Day of .NET

I spent most of yesterday in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the West Michigan Day of .NET 2008.  Unlike my list from a similar event in Ann Arbor last year, I decided to go into this event specifically looking for amusing lines, acts, shticks, and so forth. I wasn’t disappointed.

As before, I have intentionally left the names attached with these off so as to protect the innocent and misfortunate:

  1. Speaker: CodeRush has this great pane of information down the side – that’s p-a-n-e, not p-a-i-n, by the way…
  2. Speaker: Is RIA a good thing or a bad thing?
    Attendee: It depends.
    Speaker: Ha!  There’s an architect!
  3. Speaker: Legacy code is any code without tests around it.
  4. Attendee: Can you code up an example of X?
    Speaker: Sure.
    (Second Attendee asks a question.  A 10-minute rabbit trail ensues.)
    Speaker: What were we going to do again?


I learned a new term to add to my repertoire: “Clipboard inheritance”.  We’ve all been guilty of THAT one at some point.


Twitter came up several times in conversations throughout the day, and a couple of the speakers that I saw made references to it.  What made this humorous was when they neglected to shut down Snitter, Witty, or whatever other Twitter-client they used prior to starting their presentation.  Starting with that ingredient, let’s add to the mix:

  1. The speaker publishes his Twitter account ahead of time
  2. A roomful of tech-saavy individuals
  3. Some of which have laptops
  4. Free wireless

Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally.  Makes endless servings of guerilla-tweets – at least until the speaker closes down his Twitter-client.


Finally, during the last half an hour of the day they distributed the mounds of swag (the sponsors REALLY went all out).  They started with the books, giving one away to the set of semi-randomly drawn persons who turned in speaker evaluations.  Once they had a good chunk of those given away, they switch to the hats.  Instead of calling out names, the person began to chuck then like Frisbees out to the audience.  They he moved on to the T-Shirts, balling them up and pitching them like softballs.  Then, loudly he shouts, “OK, now the mugs!”


Overall it was a great day, both in the content and the contacts made.  The next one in this area is in Lansing, on June 21.


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