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NAntRunner 0.3 Released

I just released NAntRunner 0.3, now available at  The biggest single change was dropping the list box of scripts, and introducing a tree view:


The top level of the tree view is a list of script “groups”.  These can be called anything you like.  Within each script group you can place one or more scripts.  When you first add a script, the name that appears in the tree view will be the file name of the script itself, for example “”.  You can rename that to anything you like.

There are controls in the tree view context menu for adding groups, adding scripts, renaming groups/scripts, deleting groups/scripts, and running scripts.  The five buttons that appear above the tree view replicate that functionality.

I’ve also added a “Last Saved” message next to the Close button in the lower right corner.  Like its predecessors, NAntRunner 0.3 automatically saves all changes (adding or removing scripts, renaming items in the tree, resizing the utility, etc.).  The message is simply there to let you know when it happens.

Upgrading to the new version is easy.  Simply download the 0.3 ZIP, and extract it to the folder with your previous installation of NAntRunner.  The 0.3 release will automatically upgrade the settings for the previous release.  Any scripts that you had defined will be placed into a single group called “Default”.  You can move them to new groups, and rename them at that point.

I had originally planned for a feature where you could drag and drop scripts to rearrange them, or move them to new groups, but I ended up postponing it until a later release.  The tree view, and specifically being able to associate a nice display name with each script, solved the main annoyance with the 0.2 release – namely that if you had scripts at any significant depth on your file system, they became unreadable.  Dropping and adding scripts is fairly easy with this release (simply copy the path from the “Path to Script” text box, hit the Add Script button, and paste it into the dialog), so I don’t see moving scripts/groups as a huge priority right now.  If that’s a feature that you would find it hard to live without, please let me know in the comments here or on the CodePlex site.


August 30, 2008 - Posted by | Agile, Tools and Toys

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