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SSMS Scripter Republished to

I’ve moved the source code and latest release (2.5.2) to CodePlex:  This particular version was the last one released, and was done so here on my blog in February 2007.

When I first released it in late 2006 and early 2007, I wrote a series describing how the plug-in worked:  In the “Part 2” post in that series, I mentioned that I couldn’t find any decent documentation on how to write an SSMS plug-in.  At the time I had hoped that my series would help form that documentation.  Since then I’ve found another post at that goes into some additional depth from my series:  As the link implies, Joseph Cooney wrote this in late 2007, almost a year after I wrote mine and he had a similar lament with a section of the post titled “So Why Does This Qualify as a Black Art?”.  I agree with Joseph – writing one of these is definitely a black art, and I had to play a lot of code-roulette to get my plug-in to work.

For the next release, I have a performance-related update in mind, but I’m still sorting out how I might go about it.  The actual process of generating the scripts is relatively quick (measured in seconds), regardless of the number of objects being scripted.  The Scripter startup time can be substantial, especially for databases with large numbers of views/stored procedures/functions, and especially if you invoke the utility at the Database level in the SSMS hierarchy.

I also have not tried installing it with SQL Server 2008, and I’m eager to see how well (or not so well) it works there.

Let me know what else you’d like to see in the next release!

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