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Testing for water – I guess it works

We got water in our basement a couple of times this past summer, but luckily it was in the unfinished part of our basement.  Both times, however, it took us the better part of a day to notice it, so my wife decided to find a detector of some kind to alert us if it happened again.

What she found was a small, slightly creepy-looking product called “LeakFrog”.  The device is really quite simple.  The thing is powered by three AAA batteries and sits on the floor where you might get water.  There are two exposed metal contacts on opposite ends of the unit, and when water swarms the unit (as little as 1/32″ according to the packaging), an electrical circuit is completed and the alarm sounds.

I wanted to test the unit, so I put the batteries in and picked it up with the intention of getting a small bowl of tap-water and dropping the thing in.  As soon as I picked it up, however, it went off.  It only took me a second to realize that when I grabbed it, I made contact with both of the metal contacts.  My hands, being slightly sweaty at the time, completed the circuit.

Ok, then.  No bowl necessary.  I guess it works – and with far less than 1/32″ water.


January 3, 2009 - Posted by | General

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