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When “Web Friendly Printing” Attacks

We purchased a new printer/scanner/copier, and during setup the installer asked about enabling “Web Friendly Printing”, a feature which would strip out the chrome (navbar, footer, ads, etc.) of a web page before printing it.  Not a bad feature, although I didn’t think I had much call for it.

Eh, what the heck.  What’s the worst it could do?  Click.

Jeez!  What did you do, Ray?

(Shakes head)  Let me restart the browser, maybe that was a fluke.


Nope.  Couldn’t be that simple – it wouldn’t be blog-worthy if it were:


When someone asks you “What’s the worst it could do?”, don’t hesitate.

Just smack ‘em.

February 11, 2010 - Posted by | General

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