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Kalamazoo X Conference 2010 – Light-Hearted Recap

This past weekend saw the second annual Kalamazoo X Conference, of which I am one of the organizers.  Like last year’s X Conference, I got something (and usually two or three things) out of every session, so I consider it a grand success.

Yes, I know, I’m the only measure of success here.  Ahem.

One of the great things about this conference is that all of the speakers were able to work in some humor into their presentations – some intentional and some not-so-intentional.  I couldn’t capture all of the gems, but here is a list of some of my favorites:

  • “Defugging – it’s debugging using F10 / F11” – Phil Japiske
  • “Coaching hockey is great.  My youngest, he’s 7 – working with his team is great because it prepares me for working with the developers.” – Tim Wingfield
  • On modeling with Legos: “Can you imagine a roomful of geeks and a table full of Legos?  You might not open a computer for 45 minutes.” – Tim Wingfield
  • On “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown: “It’s supposed to be about sharing, but it’s really about teaching kids how to manipulate people.” – James Bender
  • On his daughter’s cell phone/texting bill: “Pretty soon we’ll be paying $100 a month for this kid who doesn’t write any code.” – Brian H. Prince
  • “You can tell I’m subtle and very softspoken.” – Alan Stevens
  • “You know ‘Neuromancer’ by Gibson?  You know how he drops you into this world, and you have no idea what’s going on?  Isn’t it great?!  DON’T EVER DO THAT WITH YOUR CODE!” – Alan Stevens
  • “With Twitter we get interesting information and ‘Hey, I just drank 12 beers!'” – Clovis Bordeaux

My conference favorite, though, was delivered by Brian H. Prince:

“…pass the futon back and forth … er, the baton. (laughter from audience)  Look, I don’t know what sports you have up here.”

Enjoy, and I hope to see you next year!


April 12, 2010 - Posted by | General, Kalamazoo X Conference

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