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This past week I was listening to a presentation by Scott Hanselman about social networking and, in particular, blogging.  The second part was affectionately titled “Make your Blog Suck Less”, the contents of which have been reproduced on Scott’s site:

I’ve blogged fairly regularly for several years now, and my goal has remained the same throughout – write down cool pieces of code, development tricks and tips that I’ve found or come up with.  I write them down to document them (‘cause with my memory, if I don’t write them down they won’t exist 5 minutes from now).  I chose the medium of a blog because I want to share that knowledge with the world.  I am frequently turning to the bloggers and forums of the world for answers to problems and challenges that I face, and in late 2006 decided that I had something to contribute to the “Cloud Encyclopedia”.

Scott’s presentation reinforced that goal, and provided some simple ways to improve.  One of those ways was to register my blog with Technorati.  The post immediately previous to this one was required to prove to the big T that I really was the author of this blog.

A second improvement was to bring my blog’s content under a Creative Commons license (see the side panel).  I intentionally chose Attribution 3.0 Unported license because I want people to use my code snippets and other content in their projects – I’m only asking to be acknowledged as the source.  I strive to extend the same courtesy to those whose work goes into my projects, by way of code comments.

A third improvement was to establish a FeedBurner feed for my blog, so I can get a better sense of who my audience is and where they are coming from.  Scott makes the point in his presentation that when he started looking at these stats he was surprised to find he had a significant overseas following, and started keeping that in mind when he made future posts.

As a favor to me, I would greatly appreciate it if you would switch your blog readers over to use the new feed (see the orange FeedBurner “chicklet” just below the “About” block on the right).

Scott makes several other great points about why it is important for developers to blog.  I highly recommend the presentation.


September 11, 2010 - Posted by | General

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