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Getting Sucked In

For the last several months, Doug, a colleague of mine, and I have been working on another Kinect project, a follow-up to the awesomeness that was the target-tracking system for the missile launcher.  When I have a lull in billable work at Biggs, I pull out the Kinect and plug away at it.

My desk has a curve to it that effective gives it a 90 degree angle at one end.  My computer is at one end, and I normally set the Kinect up behind me.  When I’m ready to try something, I’ll turn around, slide my chair out of the way, and start waving at the Kinect (which in and of itself looks like I’m either trying to conduct an orchestra without a baton, or convince the Kinect to do what I want using Jedi mind tricks).  At any rate, the key here is that when I’m working on the computer, the Kinect is basically pointed at my back.

Yesterday, another colleague of mine, Matt, came up and said, "You know, you gotta be careful otherwise that thing is going to suck you into the computer, Tron-style."  I burst out laughing.

I doubt a $140 piece of hardware is going to be capable of digitizing me.  However, I do love working with the Kinect, so in a way, it’s already sucked me in.

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