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Eliminating the anxiety

My plan for the science podcasts was to produce one a week, and during the summer I think we stuck to that fairly well.  The rhythm that Katherine and I had started to settle into before school started was:

  • Saturday: Do Science!
  • Saturday/Sunday: Write and record script
  • Monday/Tuesday: Generate any needed illustrations, and cut the movie together
  • Wednesday: Release the movie
  • Thursday/Friday: Plan for the next experiment, and get supplies together

Unfortunately, that rhythm got a lot harder to maintain the week or so before school started, and it appears to be continuing now that school HAS started.  It’s not even a matter of Katherine’s schedule interfering – CJ and I are just that much busier.  When CJ’s at one of her meetings, I’m with the girls, or running errands, or doing something around the house – in other words, not doing science.  When I’m at one of my meetings, well, then I’m still not doing science.

The weekly release schedule is just not going to work without a lot of pain and anguish (mostly mine), and that’s definitely NOT what I want this to turn into.  The very last thing I want is for my "gotta make the movie" anxiety to infect Katherine.  Right now, this is fun for her, and I want to keep it that way.

So, I’m eliminating the anxiety by eliminating the schedule.  We’ll still push to make time for this every week, but in general we’ll get videos out when they’re ready, which may or may not be every week.

We have one currently complete, but Katherine is still working on the script.  We have the next one planned out, and we’ll try to make some time to execute it this weekend.  Stay tuned!


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