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Two-word searches

Years ago I came across a game you could play with Google where you tried to find a two-word search that would turn up exactly one result.  The fun part of this game was that once you found one of these magical searches, you’d post it somewhere on the ‘net, and then after a little while Google would come along, crawl your post, and then *poof*, there would be two results for that pair of search terms – the original and your port – thus making your find very short-lived.  I tried a few crazy searches of my own, seeing if I could stumble upon one of these, but I wasn’t ever able to.

Fast forward several years.  I was troubleshooting an NHibernate issue I was working on, and I did a search using two terms, and it came up with exactly one hit:

Google Results

I ran this search on December 10, and at the time the link returned a 404.  Google has updated since then to remove the search result, so re-running the search for these two terms turns up 0 hits now.

Short-lived, true, but hey, I finally found one!

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