Nesso Technologies, Epilogue

From 2015 through early 2022, I worked on a side project called “Nesso”. Its goal was to build a system that could find gaps – potentially missing datapoints – in a given dataset. I made the decision in April 2020 to form a company around this idea – Nesso Technologies.

While I made some great progress in those seven years taking a very vague idea and turning it into real software, I wasn’t able to generate much outside interest in it, let alone paying customers. So, in January 2022, I decided to close the company and the project down. I think the idea still has merit, but despite the time and energy I had put into it, I had to admit I was not up to the challenge of executing on it.

Following that decision, there was a little sadness, some disappointment, but mostly a sense of relief. There are a lot of other activities and projects that I’ve put on hold over the years, and now that I am no longer working on Nesso I’ll have the capacity to pursue them. That sense of relief reinforced that I made the right choice.

To the people who cheered for me, encouraged me, and gave me feedback along the way – thank you.