Nesso Technologies, Epilogue

From 2015 through early 2022, I worked on a side project called “Nesso”. Its goal was to build a system that could find gaps – potentially missing datapoints – in a given dataset. I made the decision in April 2020 to form a company around this idea – Nesso Technologies.

While I made some great progress in those seven years taking a very vague idea and turning it into real software, I wasn’t able to generate much outside interest in it, let alone paying customers. So, in January 2022, I decided to close the company and the project down. I think the idea still has merit, but despite the time and energy I had put into it, I had to admit I was not up to the challenge of executing on it.

Following that decision, there was a little sadness, some disappointment, but mostly a sense of relief. There are a lot of other activities and projects that I’ve put on hold over the years, and now that I am no longer working on Nesso I’ll have the capacity to pursue them. That sense of relief reinforced that I made the right choice.

To the people who cheered for me, encouraged me, and gave me feedback along the way – thank you.


What am I doing on Twitter?

What can you expect from me on Twitter?  I start by posing questions, every day.  Some will be silly.  Most will be about science fiction, science, or technology.  Hopefully they will all inspire some thought, and perhaps a conversation.

A good question, crafted from a place of curiosity, can cut through the noise and lead to the signal.  Let’s learn to ask better ones.  Follow me @NessoAsks.

Tweet, tweet?

I’ve written on my personal blog about a project I started called "Nesso" ( ).  That project has grown into something much larger than just my headaches.  At its core, Project Nesso is about asking better questions.  For the last two years I’ve been developing ways to ask questions about a given dataset.

This weekend I started a new one.  You can now follow me on Twitter @NessoAsks.  My goal is to tweet at least one question a day, which forces me to be more mindful of what is going on around me every day.  I’m curious to see how my questions improve over time, and if those questions can spur some interesting discussion.

Join the conversation!