Parodied Movie Lines – the Sequel

Many moons ago, I would change my blog’s tag line every so often to be a parody of some movie line.  I went through several movie lines before reaching the one that has become my permanent tag line, “Technology, served light and fluffy”, a parody from VeggieTales: Lyle, the Kindly Viking.  That one really summed up the tone that I wanted to strike with my blog, so it stuck.

However, before I reached that point, I had compiled a large list of parodied lines that never made it as a tag-line.  I’ve decided it would be a waste to let those continue to collect dust, so I’ve decided to release them every so often as posts.  To start things off, here’s one from one of my all-time favorite movies – Apollo 13:

“You never know what events are going to be raised to bring you /home.”