Previously Parodied Lines

Update: I’m now publishing these as a series of web comics:

The following is a list of the movie lines that my blog’s tag line has parodied.  Following the line in parentheses is a link to for the movie where the inspiration for the parody appears. You can check out others here:

  1. Technology, served light and fluffy.  ( )
  2. I knew a man who once said, “The BSOD smiles on us all.  All a man can do is smile back.” ( )
  3. Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to roll your own. ( )
  4. Have you ever coded like the devil in the pale moonlight? ( )
  5. You are without doubt the worst programmer I’ve ever heard of.  / But you have heard of me.  ( )
  6. You didn’t slay the dragon?!? / It’s on my TODO: list… ( )
  7. Are you telling me that you built an IDE… out of a DeLorean? ( )
  8. The fourth rule of pair programming – only two programmers to a pair.  Fifth rule – only one pair at a time, fellas. ( )
  9. …one CLR to rule them all, and at runtime .Bind() them ( )
  10. Run unit tests, run! (
  11. With a great framework comes great responsibility. (
  12. Keep to the code (
  13. You can’t handle the .NET! (
  14. You had me at Intellisense (
  15. Every thread dies, not every thread really lives. (
  16. V for Visual Studio (
  17. Live long and .NET (
  18. May the .NET be with you (

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