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Tools and Toys

Here you’ll find applications that I’ve written over the years to make my development life easier, learn something new, or some combination of the two.

One-Three Back Solitaire – A version of solitaire written in .NET 2.0 and using the Test-Driven Development methodology.

String Cleaning – A simple console application meant to be run via shortcut and is used to clean the last string copied to the clipboard to remove all formatting.

Projects that I’ve taken down:

  • IIS Tweak (a simply utility for making it easier to switch settings for http://localhost)
  • NAntRunner (a simple utility for running NAnt build scripts)
  • SSMS Scripter (A plugin for SQL Server 2005 Management Studio that allows you to script stored procedures, user-defined functions, and views in the SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager style: “if exists, drop; create”)
  • WPF Media Player (As the name suggests, a media player written in Windows Presentation Foundation)

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