One-Three Back Solitaire

This page contains the fruit of my first real foray into Test Driven Development (TDD). I chose to write a program that would simulate what I call “1-3 Back Solitaire”. I’ve been playing this version of solitaire for years, and I’ve dreamt of writing a program around the game for nearly as long.

This application has gone through two major versions, the later of which is included here. I’ve included a document which explains the rules of the game, and some basic strategy, and show screen shots from the application itself. I’ve included a second document that describes how the scoring in the game works. Finally, and perhaps most importanly, I’ve included the full NUnit test suites for the base classes, and the application itself.

Version 2.0 Source Code: 1-3 Back Source Code
  NOTE: due to limitations on the types of files that I can upload to WordPress, this is actually a ZIP file that has been renamed to a JPEG. When you save this file out, do so as a ZIP file.

1-3 Back Game Play (PDF)

1-3 Back Scoring (PDF)


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